One of those #Americansabroad describes renouncing US citizenship

The article was published on December 27, 2013. A rough translation of the title would be:

“The experience of renouncing U.S. citizenship”

This  account was written in German. Here is the English version as per Google Translate.

Only the first three years of my life I spent in the United States. Issuance of U.S. citizenship would therefore be unemotional about the stage. What can you already feel for a country in which one has not grown up ? When I was a child, my family moved every four years . International. The question therefore arises , what nationality I feel I belong unnecessary. Through the European origin of my parents and my birth in the U.S. , I was dual citizen , and the two passports were my symbol of rootlessness .

The day on which I gave U.S. citizenship, yet was one of my saddest . After all, I had until my 12th Age only a U.S. passport and was on entry to the States every time with a ” Welcome Home ” welcomed. Banal , but if you move over and over again does well . To sign a form and leave a part of his identity , feels betrayed and , for something that is right in the head and the heart is wrong.

The appointment at the U.S. embassy is preceded by a 45 – minute telephone interview in which I need to explain why I want to be no more American. The U.S. passport , for which I was envied earlier today is an obstacle. I feel discriminated against in Switzerland. A current form of racism : Again and again I offer surface for principle – rants to the tax dispute between the United States and Switzerland. I will be denied a bank account because I ‘m obligated as an American citizen to give to my financial concerns information , and will thus pose a risk to the local bank. Other dual citizens have problems finding a job in Switzerland, because they are obliged to give the U.S. authorities information about them imputed business account.

The fact that I have to pay taxes to the American government , even if I do not live there, never bothered me. But the many deadlines , obligations and laws that I do not know , unsettle me , and the growing antipathy towards Americans makes me angry . I do not carry the responsibility for the American Law and finance .

In Bern, the waiting period for an appointment at the U.S. embassy is one year. Because I go to an embassy abroad, I can shorten the waiting time for three months. I read posts of other dual citizens , speak long with Americans abroad in Switzerland. Everyone tells something else: It was the expatriation tax another seven years , says one , another speaks of ten years , and yet another claims that one should not enter the United States . Two things I know now whether and how long the tax obligation depends on the financial situation . And enter , yes I can , like any other tourist also .

In the U.S. Embassy patriotism is in the air . Americans are warmly welcomed . I describe the lady at the counter my concerns – and do not belong to it. As if I had exchanged with a half-rate team . I’m questioned by the relevant Consul General , to pay almost 400 euros and confirm twice that to me the consequences of this step are aware of : All American civil rights are taken away . I can not be more select in the USA , where I no unlimited reside and work more . Was I sure? , The Consul General asks me .

Whether I was not too young for such a decision ? I ‘m sure. I live in Switzerland and I feel comfortable here. I do not want to move. The Consul General believes me . This is important because not everyone who wants to make , which may also . There is suspicion of tax or judicial flight, the request is rejected. Three months later, there are a Ausbürgerungsurkunde and my stamped and thus invalid U.S. passport in the mail box . I should be relieved. But I am merely sad that I felt forced to choose between the country in which I enjoy living and work , and the country where I was born to decide .